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Eastern Seaboard Environmental Complex

ESBEC was the first fully licensed and permitted industrial waste management site in Thailand. ESBEC is a unique modern environmental facility designed and service for collection, recycling, waste water treatment, disposal of non-hazardous industrial waste and commercial waste. All water which comes into contact with the waste is pumped from the leachate collection system and landfill gas management and environmental monitoring programs, approved EIA’s and qualified operators. Our landfill will have an end-use plan to transform the property to an open green space or recreation area. We also monitor and maintain our property for many years after closure to ensure the safety of the community with a fully funds Closure and Post Closure fund to minimize risks.

Modern Sanitary Landfill


ESBEC is operated by Waste Management Siam Ltd. (WMS) is owned by DOWA Eco Systems Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of DOWA Holdings Co., Ltd. of Japan. Dowa Eco-systems is one of the and most progressive waste management and recycling companies in Japan and with their acquisition of WMS this expertise is extended to Thailand and South East Asia.

1. Secure Landfill

Our secure landfill is lined with 600 millimeter compacted clay, 2 layers of 1.5 mm. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and 2 layers of Geotextile plus a leachate and landfill gas collection system to eliminate odors and to protect groundwater from contamination.

2. Landfill Gas Management

Landfill gas from solid waste degradation, combined with methane (CH4) and carbondioxide (CO2) is pumped through pipe collection and burned at flare station which is designed according to US-EPA standard to minimize smell. ESBEC plan to install new power generator in order to efficiency collect gas from the landfill of greenhouse gas generating from landfill.a