Corporate Social Responsibility

integrate social and environmental
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Waste Management Siam has operated its business as a responsible member of Thai society for more than a century, with a firm commitment to business ethics, transparency and good corporate, taking into account stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, employees and the public.

Social Responsibility It is one of the policies that the company gives importance. top We recognize the importance of community involvement. since the start of operation By working to create a better environment for our neighboring communities. with a variety of activities as follows:

  • Community contract between the community and the company It was created to build confidence in the community and to show the company’s good intentions.
  • Bulk waste disposal that has an impact on the environment will no longer be necessary. next when the company Start the project which can provide comprehensive services.
  • Employment in the project will consider the selection of local people first as well as provide opportunities for local youths to join the company’s internships
  • Various waste will be disposed of within the industrial estate under strict rules and inspections. To reduce the potential impact on the environment, which is more beneficial than external disposal. This will destroy the environment in the long run. In addition, the company has also set up a working group to monitor and inspect at the end of the project. To ensure that the bright environment is truly returned to Thai society.
  • Provide support to local schools such as supporting teaching materials, sports equipment, and participating in activities organized or invited by the school.
  • To support local religious and cultural activities, etc.